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"We know we need to be on TikTok, but we don't know much about it"

We hear this a lot, so...
‍‍wouldn't it make sense to pair brands know don't know TikTok with TikTok OBSESSED students?

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Before we go on... We want to tell you a bit about TikTok and why it's such a disruptive platform.

TikTok is totally different from all of the other platforms. Where Instagram focusses on accounts you follow, TikTok is based around a 'For You Page'. This means the algorithm recommends content that matches users' interests rather than prioritising content from the accounts they follow. This is hugely powerful as your content can reach millions regardless of your following!

Additionally, TikTok has shaken up the type of content that performs well. There is a major focus on natural content that looks like it's filmed on a smart phone. Polished Instagram style content of old won't work here. Content featuring a recognisable face or person also tends to perform well.

All of these factors make TikTok unique and success on the platform requires a knowledge of how it works which is why our TikTok obsessed students can add so much value to your brand or business.

So how does this work?

We've developed a totally new process for helping brands to get TikTokking.
Built it from the ground up, we aim to maximise your results whilst working with students

We hire the best

At today, we hire the best student TikTokers! These are students with a track record of going viral multiple times on the platform

Identify your niche

We'll identify your key brand audience niches with you. These are the key 'themes' or 'topics' we'll create videos about

Time to capture

Your TikTok student will create a weekly content plan and get filming. This may be at your venue, office or remote

Every single week

TikTok moves fast! So, your student will come and make TikToks for you every week to create timely content that works

sound good?

let's tiktok